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You will go through great effort to get your property in tip top condition, that is why it’s so important to get the marketing material right. Devil is in the detail!

Property photographs, descriptions, floor plans and social media will all play an integral part of the process. People love lifestyle, buyers are interested in how the property can work for them. How does your property perform when in motion?

Home staging is an effective tool for property that are either empty or a blank canvass. It isn’t always necessary, if you already have or can invest in cushions, throws, artwork and candles you can create a fairly seamless show home look at a fraction of the cost. If you’re not the creative type or even if you are, have a look on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. Some instagram hashtags we have found to be worthwhile are: #spotlightonmyhome #cornerofmyhome #nesttoimpress.

Unsure? Ask the team at ginger, we’re happy to help.

Photos are the first thing buyers look at. Quality sets the benchmark; professionally taken photographs and lifestyle images are essential. You really only have one attempt at getting this right so make sure you’re prepared for your photographer and you are happy with the outcome.

Property descriptions should be informative, not boring. Ideally you should have descriptions that are creative and factual. Descriptions that use the character and charm of your home are far more readable than the standard ‘neutrally decorated with single radiator’! Never lose sight of your home being a finished product for any potential buyer. Show it at its best.

A compete marketing arsenal from your agent will follow up with your efforts and come across strongly against the competition.

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