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The 4 Vital Steps Before Selling Your Home

The 4 Vital Steps Before Selling Your Home

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

  • Worried You May Struggle to Sell?
  • Unsure What Your Agent Will be Doing to Earn Your Hard Earned Money?
  • Afraid of Scaring off Buyers by Setting Your Asking Price Too High?
  • Worried Your Agent Will Make a Mess of Showcasing Your Home?
  • Afraid Your Buyer Will Let You Down?

We’ve got you covered!

Getting Ready for Market the Right (Ginger) Way

If you want to sell your house to the right buyer for the right price at the right time, attention to detail before selling is one of the key ingredients for success.  With more than two decades experience selling homes throughout the UK our Founder Carl Hemming has seen it all and distilled successful property selling down to the successful formula we use today.    The 4-Step Pre-Sales process he developed mitigates risk and maximises the chances of success whilst taking into account a seller’s personal needs and circumstances.  It’s a formula for success underpinned by our friendly, caring, personal service, excellent systems and extended opening hours tailored to the needs of today’s busy lifestyle: 

Ginger’s 4 Step Pre-Sales Process

Preparing to Sell Your Home the Right Way

 All good sales are founded upon a set of well-executed pre-sale processes, which are all-too-often overlooked.  We love working on the detail with a personalised, consultative approach, structured around four key pre-sales phases: 

  1. Getting to Know You
  2. Planning & Presentation?
  3. Getting Your Property Noticed 
  4. Offer Negotiation

1) Getting to Know You – That All-Important First Step

 We all have different reasons for moving, sometimes exciting, sometimes traumatic, often-times somewhere in between. Knowing your deepest held reasons for moving, not just the surface reasons, like needing a larger or smaller home, an extra bedroom, dedicated office space for a work-from-home career, can make a huge difference to the process.  Knowing your personality, character and personal tastes is an important factor too. Knowing your reasons for moving, your aims, ambitions, timescales and challenges can all be helpful and of course, we won’t disclose any such information to third parties without express permission.  The benefits of this personalised approach are many, but in amongst it all, we find this makes our relationships stronger, allows us to match buyers more precisely and help keep your sale as stress-free as possible.  

2) Planning & Presentation

 Presentation is everything! The better your home looks, the easier it will be to attract an ideal buyer willing to pay the right price.  With Ginger, you get a full-scale consultancy service aimed at making this happen.  We appraise your property and deliver a detailed written guide containing specific recommendations on how to correctly ‘stage’ your home for sale.  We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, provide you with all the knowledge, hints and tips you need to maximize the potential of your property and get the best out of your viewings. We have a team of professional local property-related experts, with esteemed backgrounds in areas such as interior design, home renovations, property styling and landscaping.  We also have the right contacts to help tidy those areas that may need some attention. We ensure your home is ready for sale before we start marketing and when it is, we employ a professional photographer to capture your home.  We won’t rush this.  It’s a dangerous area to cut corners.  We take our time in staging each room correctly before opening the camera shutter.  You can do so much damage to your marketing with poorly executed photos of untidy, dark or gloomy living spaces.  Every picture and video captured is carefully planned and executed to excite potential buyers.  It’s all about inspiring them to want to discover more about your home.

Empty Property?

Worried about selling your cold empty property? Don’t worry!  We’ve got your back.  We offer a home staging service, where your world-class property styling expert will transform your empty shell, room by room, from top-to-bottom into a classical ‘Show Home’. Whatever the state of your home, we have the team to transform your property into one that ‘Wows!’  

3) Getting Your Property Noticed – Defying Industry Norms!

 We’re all about ‘Lifestyle Property Marketing’, which means everything we do aims to portray what sort of life someone can expect to experience before they even visit your home.  We apply various methods to achieve this. For example, in addition to full use of online property portals* and our own ginger website, we also use aerial drones and 360-degree ‘virtual tours’ to create stunning visuals which we distribute via social media, on top of traditional marketing methods.  We also engage with prestige partners to get your home noticed. The explosion of mobile technology, with rapid advances in screen quality and internet connectivity, has seen a huge shift in the way people consume information online, with smaller, more advanced devices overtaking laptops and desktops as a means for consuming information online.    The other trend this has encouraged is the increasing habit for people to consume information in video form, in favour of the written word, which is more difficult to consume on smaller devices.  We’ve embraced this trend by making video production and digital media integral to our sales and marketing alongside more traditional communications. * Here at Ginger we will list your home at online property portals including RightMoveZoopla and Prime Location which can include premium listings or other enhanced features depending upon which package you sign-up for.

Professional Photography – No Smartphones!

Well yes, the heading does say ‘No Smartphones’, but it’s actually true that we may pop round and take some simple snaps with an iPhone first, before capturing your home with high-quality well thought-out photography, designed to capture your home in the best possible light.  All images are edited by the studio team and presented to you for approval prior to publication. These images are then deployed across a wide range of media, from websites to social media channels and property materials.  

3D Floor Plans

You won’t see flat or boring 2D plans at ginger.  We will map your property using the latest 3D floor plans to convey a sense of proportion to potential buyers.  The software we use even allows buyers to place articles of furniture into the map to get a feel for how it might look.  We aim to make the process fun for your buyer, with the software offering them the ability to chop and change.  

Video Presentation including stunning Aerial Drone Photography

We use locally based Civil Aviation Authority licensed pilots to fly drones to capture high-quality video images outside your property, as well as using different equipment to take moving images of the interior. We can even ask them to create a 3D walkthrough too. It’s increasingly common for people to expect to see moving images when making a purchase decision.  

360 Degree Property Tours

Our top ‘ Refined’ Seller’s package includes a very stylish 360-degree Virtual reality property tour experience, with supporting floor plans and ‘Dolls-House’ views that afford potential buyers the luxury of a virtual tour. 

Viewers can tour the property ‘virtually’, stand in a room ‘look around’ and study each room in detail.  These ‘360’ tours also include short video presentations in showcasing features in key rooms of the house, all presented by one of our media-trained property experts.

This works brilliantly for our distance-buyers considering relocation with the potential to help place your home as a front-runner in their thinking.  This is a fantastic tool for helping to identify prospective buyers who are serious and not just window shopping.

Lifestyle Property Details

Here at Ginger, we’re devoted to crafting detailed property descriptions designed to excite buyers about the lifestyle potential of every home we sell.

A large part of the craft is guiding readers towards key areas such as open-plan living, family rooms and outdoor lifestyle, as we aim to provide an informative and exciting journey of your home.

Accurate Property Descriptions

 We go to great lengths to get the details right before going to print and always seek your approval prior to publication.

Eye-catching ‘For Sale’ Signage

‘For Sale’ boards need to be eye-catching and our brightly coloured Ginger branded boards are definitely that.  For our top-level package aimed at selling luxury properties, we also have specially branded ‘Refined’ advertising boards so prospective buyers know they’re about to witness something not-to-be-missed.

[Pictured: Ginger Founder Carl Hemming with one our eye-catching boards.]

Your Property featured on Internet Portals

Your property will feature on everyone’s number one internet search facility for buying a home, Rightmove.  Our gingerhomes.co.uk website is search engine and mobile friendly too. We also list homes on portals including Zoopla and Prime Location, with premium listings or other enhanced features available on each, depending upon which ginger package you sign-up for.  

ginger Website Listing

We have invested heavily in creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate website, offering personal dashboards with unique logins. The focus is on usability for buyers and sellers alike, including easy access to local information and advice.  

Social Media, Social networking and Hyperlocal Community Media

70% of buyers use Social media & hyperlocal media to search property through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Our ginger digital media team will ensure there’s regular exposure for your property through these channels. We also recognize the current trends of people moving to the area, particularly relocating with work, such as the influx of employees at JLR and other large local businesses. With the arrival of HS2 and Garden city around the corner, this is likely to continue, so we recognise the importance of making local information about schools, transport, restaurants, community groups easy to access. That’s why we’ve struck up partnerships with key hyperlocal media outlets.  

Structured Accompanied Viewings

We arrange to arrive at your home 10-15 minutes before every scheduled viewing to ensure everything is ready.  We’ll make sure your lights and heating are switched on, the kettle’s ready, all those little details designed to offer visitors a thoroughly warm welcome.  Then we’ll take up a position at the bottom of your drive ready to meet and greet, with an umbrella if needed, ready to begin the tour from the moment your buyer pulls-up outside.  We’ll show off the best of what your home has to offer, explain why you love your home and location, talk about any home improvements you’ve implemented and explore potential opportunities for development.  It’s all about planning, preparation and attention to detail.  And thanks to our hard work and preparation every time we go to work, we’re always best placed to present all the facts and answer any questions as they arise.   

4) Offer Negotiation

 Choosing the right offer can be challenging. We validate all our buyers, ahead of you accepting any offer, ensuring they are financially equipped to complete within your required timescales. We also check they are using quality solicitors and offer you guidance in making an informed decision. We partner with local financial experts & solicitors, so where these areas may not be in place with a buyer, we have the right team of experts around us to make it all work. 

Managing the Sale through all the Key Stages – Communication is Key!

We take care of all the important relationships every step of the way. We keep a close eye on every party, your buyers, solicitors, mortgage brokers and other estate agents, supported by the latest software, to maximize the chances of a smooth sale, as well as spotting issues and warning signals at the earliest opportunity. You will receive regular updates along the way and we are always at the end of the phone for you (from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year).  Our Founder Carl Hemming can even pop round with a supply of biscuits, to discuss your questions and concerns.  We are also keen to share a bottle of bubbly with you, if that’s your thing, when your sale completes.

The ginger Way –  An Exclusive Home Selling Experience for People and their Properties

We limit the number of properties we have on our books to guarantee a deeply personalised, high-touch service and take on great properties to sell for people seeking a genuine partnership.  

Looking for a Quick Sale?

For anyone that’s looking for a quick sale, we urge a healthy degree of caution.  Here at Ginger we always strive for the perfect balance between quality and speed, knowing the temptation to cut corners and rush to market can prove so costly.   

Need Help or Advice About Selling Your Home?

If you are looking to sell your property why not give us a call for an initial free no obligation consultation on 01676 533 585.  Our lines are open from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm every day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year.  

Discover more vital ingredients for Property Sales Success including how to find the right buyer in our handy guide entitled: 10 Key Steps to Selling Your Home for a Premium Price.  Request your copy by calling us on 01676 533 585.

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