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Preparing your home for sale


1: Declutter

The best way to get the best photos is to make sure that there isn’t anything in the photo that doesn’t belong, this will ensure that the people that are interested in buying the house are going to be getting the best view of the rooms that you have to offer.

2: Depersonalise

This would allow the people that are interested in buying the home a chance to be able to see it as their own and allow them to dream what the house would be like as their own. 

3: Improve the lighting

How a room is lit is key to showing the space on offer and presenting the room at it’s finest. Bright rooms look a lot more spacious than dark or dim areas making the room seem bigger and more homely.

4: Make it smell nice

A nice smell can make the whole house seem more hygienic and create an atmosphere such as a exotic location, home-baked living spaces and linen bathrooms. However too much of a nice smell can cause people to be turned away because it is too strong, subtle aromas work best around the home.

5: Make sure everything is in good working order

If someone is interested in the house discovers something isn’t working correctly then they can be deterred away from the house or would likely put in a lower offer than the asking price, or even be more diligent when looking around the house. By making sure that everything is in tip top order will help you achieve the best price for your home.

6: Have inspiration

A good thing to do is to present your house in showroom condition. Seek inspiration from social media such as pinterest and Instagram or home magazines. Another good idea is to visit new build show homes to see how they cleverly style their rooms and position items within. 

7: Create POI’s

These can be things that make your house stand out, things such as a nice fireplace or an interesting window or make the most of a feature of your property. This will  excite your potential buyer and could encourage them to make a higher offer. 

8: Put away the pet stuff 

Cats and dogs are popular within the home however not everyone appreciates their smell or enjoys their company. It is wise for you to take the dog out for a walk during viewing times and ask the cat to wait outside. Also remove feeding bowls and litter trays as not to create unwanted space. 

9: Show off your storage 

People love to be able to know where they can store all of their hideaways, shoes, coats and toys. Make the most out of the storage spaces is vital, clever storage ideas such as Ikea shelving and shoe storage will help leaving plenty of room for your ironing board and vacuum. It will also help with the decluttering of your living spaces.

10: Focusing on Flow

Flow in a house is important to get right, when your Estate Agent is showing potential buyers around your property it is important that they can all move around the house free and easily. You don’t want people to have to negotiate their way around obstacles, this would make the house feel small and cluttered.

11: Outside is just as important 

Make sure that the outside of the house is just as immaculate as the inside. First impressions count. Ensure that the front lawn is cut, the windows are sparkling, and the front door looks inviting with a working doorbell and immaculate door furniture.


Clean homes are much easier to sell if there is no visible dirt or grime. Make sure that the carpet is spotless, the sofa is comfy, and the curtains smell amazing. Simple things like non invasive air fresheners, diffusers, or run around with a bottle of Fabreeze.

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