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Marketing & Communication… it’s all in the planning

Marketing & Communication … it’s all in the planning

The way we consume media day to day is ever changing and property marketing is no exception. It’s down to our team to embrace that change and ensure your property listing is proactive, engaging and relevant to your pool of potential buyers. 

Long gone are the days when you just rely on a single medium to show you what’s on offer like the newspaper or the main property listing platform app. These days savvy buyers interact directly with estate agents, engage with videos and imagery across a variety of platforms and social media. Don’t worry, if you understand it or you don’t, our tech savvy team have got your back. All geared towards an increased opportunity to achieve the best price possible for your home. Just give us a follow and a like to help us along the way. 

Whether your selling to downsize, upsize, change of circumstance or moving on from an investment, preparing your property for market is your chance to capitalise on your time, money and potential. Our team will support in advice and guidance to getting your property market ready. A couple of tried and tested steps will ensure your home will outshine the competition. 

Marketing experts
A great listing will talk about the top selling points of your home, professional photography will showcase the lifestyle you home offers, an interactive video will guide people through while detailed floor plans will assist planning for any potential buyers. All these elements are vital but more so is the importance of how your potential viewers/buyers see these finer points. Effective communication is key, we implement several highly effective methods to interact with potential buyers and present a listing that shows the very best you property can offer. 

How to interact
By using a variety of methods to talk to our customers; email, phone, WhatsApp, social media instant messaging to name just a few, we are able to be consistently available.  This way we can start a conversation at a time to suit todays busy lifestyle. We find that a lot of property hunters have free time of an evening or weekend so these avenues of contact are really vital and ensure we don’t miss a lead on any potential buyers.

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