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You’ve done the hard work, prepped your home for photos, hidden a small warehouse worth of belongings into the loft or garange and had an arguement with the mop… but, the good news is, you’re now live on the open market! Scary and exciting. What are the next steps and what should you be doing now?

Once you’ve got the ball rolling and your on the market there isn’t time to rest on your laurels! You can appreciate how much work it takes for both yourself and your estate agent to get your house on the market with a view to effectively sell in a reasonable time frame for a premium price.

BIG tip…Don’t just sit back and hope. Most estate agents are pro-active in keeping your property fresh, however, you need to have an interest in what’s going on.The first two weeks after your property goes live are the most important. This is where you are likely to get the most hits online. It’s vital your agent is analysing the click through rate (CTR),This is how many people see your property online and ‘click through’ to read more details. Don’t miss these stats, your agent will send the CTR figures to you, read with interest and, monitor what’s happening over a period of weeks- you might need it later to make decisions on how you proceed with your marketing.

After two weeks, the CTR normally falls by 50% so your agent needs to keep things fresh. There are many useful tools estate agents have to maintain interest. social media, video tours, local advertising and also, quite simply by rotating property images / change the lead image. Potential buyers searching online see a different image as the days go by, renewing interest is what you’re aiming for here. We’ve all dismissed a property based on the first photo but maybe at first glance it just didn’t suit your style or needs. It’s always good to encourage your viewers to look deeper- your professional photos on a rotation will support this and a video tour will emphasise the benefits of your home.

There are many ways to remain active whilst being on the market, speak to your agent about positive steps you can be doing to increase your saleability.

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