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Sell Online... The One Minute Guide

18/04/2018 by Martyn Pryce

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Selling your property yourself


Selling your home online is becoming ever popular. It’s a cost effective way to market your property and avoid percentage based commission in favour for an upfront cost. 


The self-sell industry, starting around 15 years ago, has grown immensely having knock on effect for many local estate agents who have now started to move with the times and offer a hybrid service that includes online packages. 


Here’s what to bear in mind when selling online.


Firstly, What are the options…


Traditional approach - Agreeing a percentage of the sale and committing to a 4 week - 12 week contract (sometimes longer, we suggest reading the small print!). 


Online - An upfront fixed fee with a time frame to market your home (usually limited to 9 months however all agents vary so be sure to check the terms and conditions. 


Hybrid - Essentially a ‘best of both’ scenario, an upfront cost but usually a designated point of contact. Hybrid agents offer the same as traditional agents, in terms of services and a high street style premises but have the added benefit of online packages and prices to match. 


What to avoid


Cheap online packages

This isn’t a total no-go but generally, you get what you pay for. In our experience through chasing sales with online agents the more reputable the agent the smoother the transaction. Our advice is check feedback/reviews, see what previous customers have said about their experience. Getting your property on RightMove might be high up on your priority list however if theres little or no follow-up from your instructed agent your sale may fall through and damage the saleability of your property moving forward. Use someone you trust, even if it may cost a little bit more. 




Some estate agents make up their costs on up-selling. Ask yourself what you need, the three main investments you need to have should be: Professional Photography, Floor Plan and Social Media Marketing.


Photos are the first thing your potential buyers see, the days of estate agents going out with point and shoot cameras are long gone, makes sure your agent uses a professional photographer that focuses in producing images that are aimed to sell property. 


If in doubt… Go with the gut feeling!


If you want to know more about our online Self-Sell package then get in touch. We have packed in some fantastic features designed to get you online, sold and moving! Book your free valuation by calling our team on 01676 533 585 or email for more details. 


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