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Author: Martyn Pryce

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Period Living In Knowle

28/05/2019 by Martyn Pryce

Knowle is a classical picture postcard village...[...]

Category: Property For Sale Author: Martyn Pryce

Riddings Hill Event, Balsall Common

25/03/2019 by Martyn Pryce

Riddings Hill was built by David Wilson Homes in 2000. It was designed to fit right around the high-[...]

Category: Balsall Common Author: Martyn Pryce

Is a retirement bungalow right for you?

12/12/2018 by Martyn Pryce

When you find yourself reading articles about retirement living you’ll be mistaken for thinking you’[...]

Category: Balsall Common Author: Martyn Pryce

Making your house work for you!

17/10/2018 by Martyn Pryce

We all like our house to be our home but it's great to have the flexibility to let your house work f[...]

Category: Property Advice Author: Martyn Pryce

Sell Online... The One Minute Guide

18/04/2018 by Martyn Pryce

Selling your home online is becoming ever popular. It’s a cost effective way to market your property[...]

Category: Selling Author: Martyn Pryce

The One Minute Extension Guide

11/04/2018 by Martyn Pryce

Adding to your properties floorspace can be a rewarding and value-adding exercise if done properly. [...]

Category: Home Advice Author: Martyn Pryce

I don’t have time… I’m retired!

28/03/2018 by Martyn Pryce

A familiar village face, Joy Fine once told me  ‘…you cant afford to rest on your laurels in retirem[...]

Category: Home Life Author: Martyn Pryce