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A few home improvements to make before you sell

01/11/2017 by Lucia Dyson

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If you've decided to put your home on the market, of course you want to do anything to improve your property's value. While some of them may seem expensive, they will increase the value of your home by thousands. It's important you choose one's that will give you return on the money you invest in. 




Kitchens: The Kitchen is a room that can be expensive to improve. A budgeted kitchen remodel or update is one home improvement that almost always pays off near or over the money you invester. Some kitchen updates can be made fairly cheap, like updating appliances, replacing hardward or cabinets. This will still make the kitchen look newer and more appealing.



Landscaping: The first look at any home can make or break a deal with buyers. A fresh clean exterior will boost interest and help get your house sold. Start by cleaning up your grden, fix any rickety steps, add a fresh coat of paint...simple and inexpensive compared to some home repairs.



Bathrooms: Many people dont realise that the bathrooms in in the house can really make or break a sale. If a bathroom seems extremely out of date to buyers they will worry about the time and cost they will need to invest to get it up to the modern standards. 



Polish to appeal: Again, its all about a good first impression with your buyers. A 'spring clean' on both the inside and the outside of your house always works a treat. Having a lovingly maintained home requires less initial upkeeo and will help get the best approach to sell your home fast.



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