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Why broadband speed is becoming so important for property buyers.

01/11/2017 by Lucia Dyson

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According to a study for another broadband comparison website, 54% of homebuyers consider the property's broadband speed before moving in, compared to just 37% that looked at the crime rate.



Individuals, aged 21 and over, were asked multiple questions relating to their home-buying preferences. Next, participants were given a list of factors that would likely put them off an area that a potential new home would be sold within, and asked which three would most concern them.


Suprisingly, 88% stating poor or slow bradband connection, 81% picking crime levels and 73% choosing transport links. 


A good connection can likely add 5% to a property's value. Because of this, numerous estate agents have added broadbamd speeds and internet availibility to their property listings. 




Poor/slow Internet


Above average levels of crime


A lack of local transport/ links to motorway access.


A lack of nightlife/ shops.


A lack of local nurseries/ schools






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Category: Property buying Ideas Author: Lucia Dyson