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Travel the world... from the comfort of home!

10/07/2018 by Joe Morris

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Whether travelling is second nature, or simply a bucket list item, why not bring this luxury to the comfort of your home? You don’t need to fly 5,000 miles across the world to experience the beautiful features of Asia or Africa, there are plenty of easier, cost-effective methods that can transform your home into a worldwide masterpiece as we discovered in this exciting 3-bedroom basement/ground floor apartment in Lapworth, Solihull.


Here are a few ways you can get started;


Imagery & Art

In my opinion this is the most effective way to turn your home into a jet-setters paradise. From canvases of the delightful New York skyline, to the simplistic features of a golden beach of African coastline, everywhere can feel close to home.


Tiles & Wallpaper

Although this example from Fetherston Grange’s bathroom may seem a bit ‘out there’, it does give a magical, African vibe which really transforms the room. Tiles and wallpaper can be used to give your standard magnolia walls a fabulous cultural feel. From vibrant Moroccan tiles, to wallpaper of exotic Mediterranean beaches.


Home Accessories

The easiest way to turn your home into a cultural retreat. Choose curiosities and home accents that suit your style, you don’t necessarily need to stick to one country or theme, mix it up and make  it your own. There are little shops and stalls all over the place where you can pick up little bits and bobs that could transform your home. From little wooden elephants, to traditional African rugs.


We have found a few items similar to the ones seen in the example at Fetherston Grange that may inspire you, take a look!


  1. New York canvas print - £24.99 from 
  2. Coca Cola fridge - £149.99 from
  3. London canvas print - £31.49 from
  4. Mini Buddah’s set of 3 - £5.00 from
  5. Moroccan tiles - £15.95 per SQM from
  6. Elephant coat hooks set of 3 - £24.99 from 
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