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The Magic Of Gated Developments

13/07/2018 by Joe Morris

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We all like a private life, especially when it comes to houses. Away from any main roads, detached from any neighbouring houses, knowing that children are safe. The question is, is this realistic?

The answer is yes.


Gated developments are the answer to your lack of privacy. So, what exactly is a gated development?

A gated development is a private estate, consisting of a number of houses. At the front of the estate there is a gate cutting the estate off from the road, hence why it is called a gated development.



Here is a perfect example of a gated development. This is Welsh Road, located off Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common. 


Welsh Road consists of 9 detached houses, all gated off from the front. There are a number of reasons why this is appealing:

- Sense of security

- Safe for children to play at the front of the house

- Close, friendly community feel with the other people situated in the estate


In actual fact, a property on Welsh Road is currently for sale on our website. Why not take a look?


Welsh Road, Balsall Common

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