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Summer moving... The One Minute Guide

13/07/2018 by Joe Morris

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With summer fast approaching, the idea of purchasing a new property is at the forefront of many people's minds. It is very interesting to look at the top reasons as to why people are likely to move house this summer.





One of the most potent reasons that people are looking to move this summer. In the second quarter of this year, 23% of people surveyed said work was the reason why they would be moving, whether this was for a change in job or simply to be nearer to their place of work.


With many businesses coming to a bit of a stand still in the summer months due to summer holidays etc. , summer becomes the ideal time to move home for work related reasons.



Family space

Statistically, the end of the summer is the most common time for new born babies. Finding the perfect family home with the right amount of space is a must. 


Or perhaps it is that people have already got children, but they are getting bigger by the day and more space is needed. Summer is the perfect time as it gives sufficient time to sort out schooling for the children ready for the up and coming academic year



Nightmare neighbours

One of the most common reasons for wanting to move house is the dislike of current neighbours. Maybe they’re rude and arrogant, or maybe they are party animals that won’t shut up… either way having nightmare neighbours can be enough to force people into moving house.




From our past experience, we have come up with some pros and cons of moving house during the summer!


1. Sun sun sun! - it’s the middle of summer, the suns shining bright… this is the perfect time to be looking at new houses. The sun will

    really help show you the full potential of the property. Who wants to view a property on a dingy, rainy day in the middle of February?

    Not only this, but more sunlight means more time for viewings and the potential for the dream ‘one day move’. 


2. Weeds - one of the biggest problem with trying to sell a house in the summer is the return of the dreaded weeds. One minute you

     look out and you’ve destroyed every weed in sight, the next minute they’re all back again. 


     Do your best to keep on top of them, nobody likes turning up to view a property and their first    

     sight being weeds everywhere


3. Think of the children! - moving house can be a bit rubbish for your children. To make the   

    process more enjoyable for them, move in the summer. This way they are not stuck inside all 

    day while it pours with rain, they can get chance to enjoy the new area and make some friends 

    before they start at their new school.


4. Dirt - it is a well known fact that as soon as the sun starts shining in, the whole house constantly looks dirty. Dust shows up          

    everywhere, dirty window marks become prominent… it is just awful!                                                                                                                             


    Don’t give your viewers an opportunity to complain about the property, do your best to keep the house as clean as possible when you

    know that you have a viewing.


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