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Moving house? Try these Sanity-Saving tips!

01/11/2017 by Lucia Dyson

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For lots of people, selling their home also means moving house. Very few people conifer this a ‘fun’ task. It can be a stressful time, but here are some expert tips to put into action.


1. Take a picture:  The horrible feeling when you unpack and can’t remember which wire goes into which port. When moving, snap a quick picture so that you have a handy visual aid. Label them and make your life easier in your new home.


2. Clear bin bags for first-use items: When you move into your new property, you’ll need the essentials straight away: Power cables, dishes, cutlery, cleaning supplies, bedding etc. Pack these into clear bags so they’re easily spotted amongst all the other boxes and bags to save time.


3. Label everything: Make your move as easy as possible. Box items from the same room in together. (e.g. BEDROOM, KITCHEN). If your into your tech, you could even google doc list everything in a box and assign a number to it. Where are my slippers? Box 9. Got it!


4. Lets start packing: As soon as the process begins of selling your home you can start to pack. This can be stressful, but the sooner you start the more thankful you’ll be in the long run. Dong it bit by bit rather than all at once.


5. Lets get moving: Once you have recieved a confirmed date on getting the keys to your new home, get organised and pre-book furniture removals. There is nothing worse than leaving it till the last minute and removals businesses being fully booked!




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