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Is a retirement bungalow right for you?

12/12/2018 by Martyn Pryce

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When you find yourself reading articles about retirement living you’ll be mistaken for thinking you’re in for some much needed rest and relaxation… you’d be very wrong!


Prepare to lead a busy, active and and fulfilling lifestyle!! Of course, retirement is exactly what you make of it, here are our top guidelines for bungalow living in Balsall Common.


1/ Make the most of the community 

Balsall Common is a thriving community with lots on the doorstep. Our bungalow in Michael Blanning Place is in the heart of the village. You’re only a stone throw from the local amenities:


Bosworths Butchers 

La Delicia Cafe

Shane Collins Hairdressers

The Jubilee- Community Space

The Village Hall

Post Office


Dental Practice

Oakes Farm Shop & Cafe

Ye Olde Saracens Head

Supermarkets, pubs and of course the Ginger offices!


…to name a few! 


2/ Enjoy the benefits of independent living 

Independent living is geared to let you comfortably live in privacy with the benefit of assistance should you need it. A warden on site helps oversee the 24 hr emergency call system. You’ll notice red pull chords in the rooms, it’s a discrete way of giving you a safety net.


3/ Say goodbye to large ongoing maintenance costs

Houses are lovely, but can be costly in terms of repair/maintenance. Bungalows are a single story construction, exterior repair access is typically a lot  easier (should that be required) and cleaning windows is a piece of cake! When it comes to cleaning inside you’ll be done in a jiffy. No stairs and unused rooms/bathrooms will be a burden to your daily/weekly cleaning routine. 


4/ Joint problem worries are a thing of the past 

If you struggle with joint or muscular pain then the benefits of living without stairs or steps can be life changing. Eating, sleeping and socialising can all be enjoyed on one level. 


5/ Reclaim back your mobility

We can appreciate that making the move to assisted living can be daunting. At Ginger we cater for all ages and regularly see young vibrant 55+ year olds enjoying their retirement to the full. In retirement accommodation. The stereotype of a stack of older people watching a small tv in a room full of armchairs is long gone. When you’ve settled into your new home you’ll appreciate a new lease of life and the benefits a bungalow has to offer. Reflecting back to what was mentioned at the beginning of this article… retirement is what you make of it! 


6/ Check the details before you commit

Before you commit to retirement accommodation check the lease details, maintenance costs, ground rent and any ongoing service charges. Not reading the fine print can be costly! Some retirement developments can have implications for family members should they end up inheriting your property- make sure this is understood with your purchase and family for any obligations. 



For more information about our property on Michael Blanning Place click here!




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