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I don’t have time… I’m retired!

28/03/2018 by Martyn Pryce

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I don’t have time… I’m retired!


In March 2018 Ginger proudly brought a two bedroom McCarthy & Stone apartment in Knights Court to the market. We’ve had a lot of people from neighbouring villages ask what retirement life is like in Balsall Common? 



A familiar village face, Joy Fine once told me 

‘…you cant afford to rest on your laurels in retirement!’ 


How very true, if you, like me need people in your life for motivation, inspiration and companionship then join one of the many village groups that have an aim of improving the community. Take up that hobby, make time for friends and enjoy yourself!


What’s out there?


The Jubilee - An inclusive community space with classes, workshops, cinema club and coffee mornings to name but a few of their regular events. Join in the organising committee, be a friend of the centre or attend some of their classes!


The Balsall Common Festival - The festival is a fantastic event that unites the community in a fabulous eclectic mix of music acts, fete stalls and even a singing / variety competition. Committee members & on the day volunteer help are always welcome.


The Lions Group- A fantastic group of people whose main aim is to fundraise for local causes. From music nights, delivering the local Bugle Magazine to helping Santa on his rounds with the Christmas Sleigh you won’t be short of things to do!


U3A - Their purpose is to advance the education of people not in full time gainful employment who are in their Third Age (being the period of time after the first age of childhood dependence and the second age of full time employment and/or parental responsibility). They orchestrate an array of activity groups from poetry to photography!


I have picked out a few to ponder on but the amount of choirs, textile/crafts, churches together events, drama group, and in house social events at retirements apartments is vast. I’ve lived in Balsall Common for quite a while now and been involved with several of the groups mentioned, I have created a wonderful group of friends and built an entire social network all thanks to this small village organisations. 


Other groups to consider: 


Church groups: St Peters, Blessed Robert Grissold and the Methodist Church, all have activities open to village residents as well as church goers.


Fitness Groups: Julie Engstead Yoga &  Amy Price Silver Steppers (The Jubilee) and Positive Fitness at The Studio, Fernhill Court.


Choral Groups: Pop Chorus and The Balsall Common Singers


Other Sources: Village Hall, The Library & The Balsall & Berkswell Royal British Legion.


If you’ve recently joined a group I would love to hear your experience and how you’re getting on! Email Me,



Where you can find out what’s going on:


Gill Rushton’s ‘What’s On’ Guide (The Balsall Common Bugle) 

The Jubilee:

Balsall Com:

U3A Website:

Julie Engstead Yoga:

Village Hall:

Pop Chorus:

Balsall Common Singers:

Positive Fitness:

Dance Fitness:


If you want some advice on property in the local area then one of our team would be happy to help.

Get in touch on 01676 533 585. 

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